Commodore VIC 20

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Our Commodore VIC 20 At a Glance

Manufactured: 198?

CPU: Commodore Semiconductor Group 6502A, 1.0227 Mhz

Text: 23 rows x 22 columns

Graphics: 184 rows x 176 columns

Color: 16 background/border colors, 8 character colors

Keyboard: Full sized, full stroke, 4 function keys, 66 keys


ROM: 16 KB

Operating System[s]: Onboard BASIC

Onboard Programming Language: CBM BASIC Version 2

Sound: 3 voices/octaves, white noise

I/O Ports: joystick, port, serial, and cartrige ports, RGB out, tape interface

Onboard Storage Media: none built-in

The VIC 20 was a home version of the Commodore PET series. It used the same CPU and BASIC but introduced the Video Interface Chip, a co-processor that provided graphics and sound.

The Vic 20 in our collection
More information about the Commodore VIC 20 is available from Wikipedia:Commodore VIC 20.


About the hardware we can use with the VIC 20


The software we have for the system


This item was purchased at a local flea market. The vendor turned out to be a retired IBM field support engineer who used to service IBM mainframes. It was complete in the orginal box with manuals and some software.


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