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The Highland Historic Computer Museum (HHCM) is a computer museum dedicated to preserving historical computer equipment and making it available to the public. The museum was founded in 2001 by Mike Burch and Martin Burch.

Our collection

Located in the small town of Highland in Howard County, Maryland, USA, the physical collection is open by appointment only. However, we are always working to make more of the hardware information, printed materials, and software in our physical collection available online.

A large portion of our physical collection consists of home microcomputers from the 1980s. This is primarily because many were produced and therefore are still relatively plentiful. However, we also have a word processor, transportables, and portables. Our collection is not limited to a certain type of computer or a set timeframe. We welcome your donations.

Unlike many other old computer collections, the majority of our unique, working computers are set up, complete with software and manuals and are ready for use.

Our history

Mike Burch at the museum in the summer of 2002

To be sure, our physical location has come a long way since the founding.