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The evolt.org browser archive is a large collection of more than eighty independent web browsers for operating systems ranging from BeOS to OSX, many in amazing early pre-1.0 releases.

Notably for old computer collectors, the archive includes hard to find early web browsers. A port of the Samba web browser from CERN, called MacWWW is available for Mac OS 6. The first web browser WorldWideWeb, later renamed Nexus, is available for the NeXTSTEP OS. The archive has historically important web browsers, like Spyglass Mosaic, which was the basis for Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are also familiar classics, such as NCSA Mosaic and Netscape Navigator.

Adrian Roselli of Algonquin Studios, who used the archive to ensure the sites built by Algonquin were accessible, provided most of the collection to evolt.org. "Sometimes the only way to guarantee that a site is accessible to a user of Mosaic 3.0 is to install Mosaic 3.0 and view the site yourself," he said.[1]