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Original content

By submitting original content to this website you grant the Highland Historic Computer Museum a nonexclusive, irrevocable, unrestricted license to display your work, use your work, and license your work to others under Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution license. You still own the copyrights to your work and may relicense it to others. The use of contributed materials is gratefully acknowledged by the Highland Historic Computer Museum.

Reproduced content

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Challenging our use of copyrighted material

Contact our curators if you are the copyright holder of content on this site and wish to correct or change attribution or presentation or would like us to remove material from the site. We will request that you submit proof of your ownership of the copyright on this material but will act immediately on any reasonable request. If we remove material from the site we may include a notice that we have been asked to remove the material. Regardless of whether you wish us to reproduce your work on this site or not, our presentation of copyrighted material for the benefit of the field of computer history may still be fair use.

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