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Mike and Martin unpack a donation to the museum

In our effort to preserve old computers and anything related to them, we are always looking for new items. Often old computers are simply thrown away, but many are historic pieces and nearly all are worthy of preservation.

Thus, we are looking for people to donate vintage computers, video game systems, books, or anything related to computing in general. All items received will be well researched before being placed in our physical and virtual collections, with an acknowledgment (or you may remain anonymous).

To contact us with a potential donation, please email the museum at donate@compmuseum.org. Arrangements must be made to transport donated items to our location in Highland, Maryland, USA. The museum can reimburse reasonable shipping costs as long as our budget allows. Particularly interesting artifacts may merit a premium above shipping depending on condition, completeness and available funds. Donations to the museum are not currently tax deductible, as the museum is not (yet) a nonprofit corporation.

Your support and donations are greatly appreciated!

Requested Items

No items requested at this time.

Recent Donations

CPT Cassetype 4200 - Thanks to Jeffery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.