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Many of the Macintosh disks used to create the images

In our continuing effort to make our physical collection available online, we have created over forty Apple Macintosh disk images in Apple Disk Copy 4.2 format. The majority of this collection of games and utilities is compatible only with Macintosh System 6. Some disk images are compatible with System 7 and above. If you have any comments, and especially if you download our disk images, please send your feedback to donate@compmuseum.org.

Disk and System Utility Downloads

To assist with opening, using, writing and creating Macintosh disk images the museum is mirroring some useful utilities.

  • ShrinkWrap 2.1
    • Create, read, write, and mount disk images in Apple Disk Copy 4.2, Apple Disk Copy 6.3 or ShrinkWrap disk format.
  • Aladdin Expander 5.5
    • Remove compression or encoding. This file is, of course, encoded for transfer over the internet. However, you should be able to remove the BinHex encoding by writing this file to disk from your PC with TransMac.
  • Fetch 3.0.3
    • The defacto Macintosh FTP client for many years.

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