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Screenshot of the HHCM wiki upload page

For consistency, please use the following guide when uploading images of computers or components to the Highland Historic Computer Museum.


To keep file sizes small, we use JPEG format standard baseline images at 70% quality compression setting for computer images. You may also wish to use PNG-24 for full-color graphics or PNG-8 for illustrations or diagrams. Do not use GIF images.


  • Use spaces or underscores to separate words in the file name
  • Start the file name with the manufacturer
    • If the computer also has a categorical model name, use that instead
      • Apple Macintoshes should have images named Macintosh not Apple Macintosh
  • Add the model number or unique model name
    • For Coleco Adam use Adam
    • For Apple Macintosh IIsi, use IIsi
    • Substitute special characters with dash or obvious alphanumeric equivalent
      • For TI-99/4A, use TI-99-4A
      • For Apple ][ plus, use Apple II plus
  • Add viewing angle or hardware seen in the shot
    • Viewing angles
      • Front
      • Side (don't designate left or right)
      • Back
      • Top
    • Hardware in shot
      • Handle
      • Case
  • Add additional descriptive information not seen in shot in parenthesis
    • Model information not shown on case, such as (extended)
  • Add file extension
    • Use all lowercase, do not use uppercase extensions
    • Use only three-letter extensions
      • For JPEG images, use .jpg