Utilities Macintosh Disk Image

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Parts of this disk were unreadable. This is a copy of the intact files present on this disk, not a complete disk image.

Utilities (File Copy) 623K

  • Apple HD SC Setup 25K
  • Desk Accessories 15K
  • Disk First Aid 38K
  • Font/DA Mover 35K
  • Fonts 131K
  • HDBackup 23K
  • System Folder 328K
    • AppleTalk ImageWriter 41K
    • Clipboard File 0K
    • Easy Access 3K
    • General 13K
    • Key Layout 3K
    • Keyboard 1K
    • LaserWriter 49K
    • Mouse 3K
    • Startup Device 2K
    • System 210K
  • TeachText 15K
  • Update Folder 0K
    • Read Me 0K